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Director Teases About 'The Wasp' In New Ant Man ...

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Director Teases About 'The Wasp' In New Ant Man Film

‘Ant Man & The Wasp’ is really exciting, because Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man, will be co-starring in the film with Evangeline Lilly playing ‘The Wasp.’ The director of ‘Ant Man,’ Peyton Reed, posted a picture from an old comic book of ‘The Wasp’ saving ‘Ant Man.’ Underneath the photo he wrote the phrase, “stay tuned.” This caused several fans to become super excited. They can’t wait to see what the film is going to be like, and can’t wait to see a preview of the new addition.

Autore: avatarwochit
Tag: ant-man 2 Peyton Reed Henry Pym Eric OGrady
Inserito: 24 giugno 2017

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